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An American poet once quoted

“If you are a dreamer,come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!”

Friday, 2 November 2012


Well, I've been working on this project 'Family Matters'  and I've scavenged through heaps of old photos to create a timeline within my book. The sub topic I'm working on at this very moment is 'Portrait profile' but also I'd say it comes into the 'Old Family Photos', as I have used a couple of old photos. After gathering a picture of me from every year up till now, I chose four to redraw in different medias, colored pencil, watercolor, pen and digital painting. I then wanted to edit these on Photoshop to create a sort of montage, but I couldn't seem to find the right composition with what I have, and still haven't, but this is what I have created so far.


Colored Pencil

Ink Pen

Digital Painting 

And here are my finished montages, I plan on creating something with a better composition.

Low opacity to high.
One year old me - Eighteen year old me
Also to round this off, me and my class mates from Llywn y Bryn Art Foundation were pictured in the Evening Newspaper with artist Tracey Moberly on Monday, for the Tate Britain Exhibition. (Can you see me?)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Photo Genetics

In my new project we have been looking at similarities between family members, facial similarities like eye shape, laugh lines etc. We then researched a few artists that merge photos together, thus creating a different person or even just showing how similar family members can look. We looked at the work of Ulric Colltte, Mike Mike and Nancy Burson.           
Burson is best known for her pioneering work in morphing technologies which age enhance the human face and still enable law enforcement officials to locate missing children and adults. Her Human Race Machine, which allows people to view themselves as a different race, is used worldwide as an educational diversity tool that provides viewers with the profound visual experience of being another race. -

She works with many faces and overlaps them to create a completely new face that is not a real person, one piece she has done (below) is made up from the faces of Jane Fonda, Jacqueline Bisset, Diane Keaton, Brooke Sheilds and Meryl Streep.

Here are a few more of her works:-

She also photo merdged animals with humans:-

After looking at Burson's work I decided to experiment with the idea of merging faces together to create a new one. I used a photograph of myself and a friend and merged the two together, doing a few copies on different opacities. Here are the images I used:-

Here I combined them:-

Here are three I did in different opacities, 75% 50% and 25%.

I then researched into Ulric Colltte's work with split faces edited together to show similarities.

Photographer Ulric Collette has created a series of portraits of family and friends, split them and spliced them into images that merge ages, genders and bloodlines.  Collette himself takes part on both sides of the camera, combining his own image with his family in a nearly seamless collection of finished prints.

Here are further examples of his work

And here is the split image I did of my friend and I:-

Friday, 12 October 2012

Family Matters - Exhibition

Family old, family new......Who am I?

My course group in college and I have been asked to contribute to the exhibition installation at the Tate Britain titled LABEL -'Family old, family new...who am I?' as part of the Great British Art Debate.

Tate Britain link.

'Family Matters, is an exhibition touring Norwich, Sheffield, Newcastle and London (Tate Britain). Family Matters explores the changing nature of family and how it is represented in British art. It includes public displays of dynasty, depictions of private relationships, idealised visions of domestic life and images of the fragmented reality that is family life today.'

I am to create around 20 pieces of work in a cross platform of mediums to produce a body of work on the title themes -

Family Saturday
Self Portrait Profile
Old Family Photos

This is an exploration of Identity and Britishness in the representation of myself and my family old and new. Depicting what Britishness in art means to me through my own work and life.

We will be working with artist Tracey Moberly to create this exhibition, 'she is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and was co-owner of Shoreditch's legendary hangout, The Foundry. She lectured in Art at Manchester Metropolitan University before moving to London and where she is now a visiting lecturer in activism and politics. She has staged several exhibitions of her work in texts and hosts the weekly arts radio programme The Late Late Breakfast Show.'

Images Tracey has given us as inspiration and to research into:-

Robert Braithwaite Martineau The Last day in the old home

The Last Day In The Old Home

The Misses Vickers

In The House Of My Father

The Bradshaw Family

Rays A Laugh (Photo set)

The Last Resort 25 (Photo set)

Friday, 5 October 2012


My first project for this busy course was 'Human Form - Image'. Within this project I looked at how clothing changes the human form, this involved images of me wrapped up round the waist in cling film (of course this related back to the artists Tran Ba Vangs work of skin as clothes) This was to get the image of what a corset would do to the body, but without the corset there, I must say it didnt tighten as much as I had wanted it to. 

Oh what fun. In the kitchen 4.00am.

I also researched artists such as rankin's destory project, watched the film and tryed some of my own destruction to my images.

 Digitally destroying the images, duplicating, contrasting, fading etc.

Good Afternoon!

A hail to you this fine day,

I must affirm, this is me. I am an artist. a painter, a drawer, a tryer of different things. For now I currently study an Art Foundation course at Llwyn y Bryn campus to hopefully go on to study some sort of art related subject at a chosen university.

I like the idea of illustrating, I love the thought of my work out their being used and there for people to see. I enjoy fine art, and shall perhaps talk about and link my Grampy as he inspires me to work in detail, to use a medium to produce something so detailed and realistic. He is amazing.

My blog shall be used for showing and talking about my art/photography I currently produce, I will include my working processes and how this course is unraveling, and helping me with techniques and materials I dont normally use.

This is all I have to say, for a rushed introduction at this moment. Welcome!